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Learn Electrical Theory Online

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Check out the links below to get a head start in your career as an electrician. These informative and easy to understand articles and courses will give you the knowledge you need to get ahead.

If you are looking to take training from home, check out our selection of online electrician training courses. They are great for brushing up your skills or to get started in the trade. Or, you can get a peek of what you can expect from formal electrical training with our electrician school articles, and learn about the structure of electrician training programs, study tips, and a preview of the content you might cover in school.

To jump right in to the theory, check out these articles from the basic electrical theory section, covering core topics like voltage, current, and resistance. To apply these concepts, have a look at the basic electrical circuits articles to learn about series, parallel, and other types of circuits and their applications.

For more practical knowledge, check out these articles about electrical circuit breakers, electrical generators, or green energy solutions to apply the theories and concepts from the other sections. For more seasoned electricians, these articles are a great way to brush up on your knowledge.

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Electrical School

Electrician School

Nobody qualifies as an electrician without lots of theoretical learning. Enrolling in electrician school is not a full-time decision: you will be learning in the field as an apprentice too. But don't be fooled: book learning is unavoidable. You're going to have to take exams too. Below are topics you will need to learn throughout your career as an electrician.

Sub Topics:

Electrical Theory

Before you make the decision to become an electrician, you should understand the basics of electrical theory. You'll learn all of this in school, too, but it never hurts to begin with some preparation. How does electricity work? What rules does it follow?

Sub Topics:

Electrical Circuits

Circuit diagrams are a critical part of an electrician’s work. You’ll need to be able to read basic electrical diagrams. (You probably remember these from high school physics classes.) They look weird at first, but with some experience you’ll quickly master the art of reading them.

Sub Topics:

Electrical Circuit Breaker

Electric Circuit Breakers

You've interacted with circuit breakers many times in everyday life. They're in most modern bathrooms, and all homes have circuit breaker panels controlling the flow of electricity into areas of the house or apartment. What do you need to know about circuit breakers to be a better spark?

Sub Topics:

Electrical Generators

Electrical Generators

When there is no reliable source of power, or during an outage, generators will be necessary to keep the juice flowing. You may have used, or seen a friend or relative use, a generator on a camping trip, or up at a cabin. How do generators work, and how should they be used?

Sub Topics:

Solar Panels

Green Energy Solutions

Putting green energy solutions to work saves you money and saves the planet for future generations. Making these changes isn’t difficult, but it may take a little getting used to. The more you practice a green way of life, the easier it will become.

Sub Topics:

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Frequently Asked Question About Electrical Theory

Here at Electrician Information Resource we get asked all kinds of questions from our awesome visitors on a daily basis. In the effort to better answer all of your electrical theory related questions we've decided to create some FAQ videos and post them here as a resource. 

Each video will answer the questions listed directly below. We will also provide guidance on where you can do further research on specific topics.


Electrical Theory FAQs | Episode #1

In this episode we will cover the following questions:

  • If you’re not good at math should you become an electrician?
  • How many blocks can you go before you have to use an electrical relay in 7 days to die?
  • So why do we as electricians care about all this electrical theory, parallel circuits, resistances and Kirchhoff’s laws?
  • What are programmable logic controllers?