Solar Powered Camping Gear: Energy from Nature

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and spend some quality time with nature. But, leaving behind all the comforts of home is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how rugged you are, every trip is more enjoyable with a few gadgets.

However, this leads to the problem of carrying a sack of batteries or a solar panel the size of a small car – neither option is very desirable. Luckily, the ingenious solar power innovators have created great solar powered camping gear that is easy to pack into your backpack.

Solar Home System

This complete lighting system includes two fixed lanterns with on/off switches, a portable lantern, a power unit, USB cable and a solar panel. Charge up the panel during the day and have all the light you need to keep you safe all night. The USB cable can charge up a variety of small power devices like cell phones. The system is compact and lightweight.

Super Bright LED Light

Sometimes one light is all you need. This super bright LED light is the answer. It contains thirty six high efficiency LED bulbs and an indicator light to let you know when it is fully charged. The lantern can be charged in four different ways – solar, AC, DC or wind-up. This means you can charge the light anytime, even on cloudy days. The lantern is handy in a variety of situations, like camping, power outages and emergencies.

Camping Lantern and iPhone Charger

When you go camping, you have to be prepared for all types of situations. An accident can happen at any time, and you might not be able to reach the help you need. That is the beauty of cell phones. They let you call from just about anywhere, but what if your battery runs dry?

The life of a cell phone battery has increased greatly over the years, as has the availability of a signal, but batteries do eventually have to be recharged. This handy lantern is a great piece of solar camping gear. It provides light at night, and charges the battery in your iPhone. Just a few hours in direct sunlight and you have all the power you need.

Portable Shower

Not all solar power needs photovoltaic cells. A solar powered camping shower is simply a bag of water that is heated by the sun. once the water reaches the desired temperature, your shower is ready. These shower bags generally hold enough water for one quick shower – just enough to wash off a little trail dust and make you feel great.

Other solar camping gear includes coffee makers and tent fans, but these aren’t yet as efficient as they could be. As green energy technology advances, more and more solar powered camping gear will become available.