Electrician Training in Michigan: How to Become an Electrician

Electrician Training in Michigan

Hey there! Are you interested in electrician training in Michigan? Do you want a fulfilling career that will give you a reason to smile every day? Then this article was written just for you. Electrician demand in Michigan is expected to grow by an average of 20% until the year 2022. This means there are plenty of opportunities available for aspiring electricians. 

We understand the importance of wages in influencing career choices, that is why we have compared the annual salaries of popular professions with that of an electrician in Michigan: 

  • Electricians: $59,060 
  • Helper Carpenters: $28,590 
  • Fence Erectors: $36,750 
  • Machinists: $40,000 
  • Teaching Assistants: $36,820

To enrol in one of the numerous electrician programs in Michigan, feel free to provide your details below and we will connect you to an accredited school.

Becoming a Journeyman Electrician In Michigan

To become a journeyman electrician, you will have to enrol in an electrical trade school and then enrol in an apprenticeship program to meet the minimum required standards. In a nutshell, the following requirements must be met to qualify as a journeyman electrician in Michigan:

  1. Have a classroom training of at least 567 hours 
  2. Have a job experience of 4-5 years 

Electrician School in Michigan 

To gain the required classroom training you must enrol in an accredited electrician school.  If you join a trade school expect to earn a diploma or an associate degree in electrical technology if you enrol in a college. To know more about this or to find an electrician school near you, fill the form below and we will get in touch.

It is important to note that if you hold a BS in Electrical Engineering and you are located in Grand Rapids then you may qualify for a journeyman exam with only 2,000 hours of work experience. If you have a diploma in electrical technology or engineering then your apprenticeship program may be reduced by 1,000 hours. 

Electrician Training in Michigan

Electrician Training in Michigan As an Apprentice

Before enrolling for any program, ensure that it is approved by the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee {MASCI}. The committee is made up of industry professions ranging from manufacturing, construction and the Government of Michigan. The main aim of the committee is to educate industry players on the importance of enrolling in a registered apprenticeship program. 

To qualify as an apprentice, you are required to meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Have no criminal record 
  • Pass a drug assessment test 
  • Have a GED or high school diploma 
  • Be a Michigan resident 
  • Be a resident of Detroit or Grand Rapids if you want to apply there 

To successfully graduate from an apprenticeship program, you must fulfil the following conditions: 

  • Obtain Related Technical Instruction {RTI} for at least 576 hours 
  • Obtain 8,000 hours of Related Technical Experience  in at least 4 years 
  • Have worked for a registered electrical contractor 

During your apprenticeship, expect to be trained in the following concepts:

How to Register for an Apprenticeship Program

Registering as a Resident of Grand Rapids 

  • Complete an apprentice registration form
  • Send a check of $10 to the City of Grand Rapids 

Registration as a Michigan Resident Who is not in Grand Rapids or Detroit

  • Fill and submit this application form 
  • Pay the state of Michigan $15 through a check 
  • Renew your license annually if your application is accepted

Registering as a Resident of Detroit

  • Complete an apprentice registration form 
  • Provide supporting documents such as your training course documents  
  • Provide a passport-sized photo 
  • Send your application to the  Electrical Inspection Division Board of Electrical Examiners in Detroit 
  • Pay a fee of $15 if approved for an apprenticeship license

Apart from the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee, you can also enrol for an apprenticeship program through IBEW Michigan. The program works in association with the Independent Brotherhood of Electrical Association. Once you have gained the required minimum work experience, it is now time to sit for a journeyman exam. 

Electrician Training in Michigan

Sitting for a Journeyman Exam

The application process for a journeyman exam will slightly differ especially if you are a resident of Detroit or Grand Rapids.

Applying for a License as a Grand Rapids Resident

The following conditions must be met to apply for a journeyman electrician license:

  • Be at least 20 years old 
  • Fill out and submit an application form to the Local government 
  • Must be a legal resident 
  • Pay a fee of $25 
  • Provide a notarized document  to prove you have gained the required work experience 

Applying for a License as a Detroit Citizen

To qualify as a journeyman electrician, you must meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Be a legal resident 
  • Be  20 years or older 
  • Prove you have Related Technical Instruction of 576 hours with a work experience of 8,000 hours 
  • Fill and submit an apprentice registration form 
  • Submit a copy of your Michigan’s driver's license

Note: The exam is an open book exam and this means you can refer to source materials such as the Public Act 217 and the national electrical code. You will require a pass mark of 75% to get a journeyman license and a fee of $45. 

Applying for a Journeyman License in Michigan 

If you are not from Detroit or the Grand Rapids, then the following requirements apply: 

  • Must be a resident of Michigan 
  • Be 20 years or older 
  • Provide notarized documents to prove you have work experience of at least 8,000 hours 
  • Fill and submit your application to the Lansing Electrical Division 

The exam is facilitated by PSI Exams and will have 80 questions to be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Expect to be evaluated in the following topics:

  • Load Calculations 
  • Electrical Theory 
  • Feeders 
  • Motor Controls 
  • Boxes and Cabinets 

Getting a Master Electrician License

Once you become a journeyman, your electrician training in Michigan should not stop. This is because the more experienced you are, the better as you can command a premium for your service. If you wish to become a master electrician, the following minimum requirements must be met: 

Becoming a Master Electrician in Grand Rapids

To qualify, you must have been a journeyman electrician for at least 24 months. Other requirements are: 

  • Pay a fee of $25 
  • Fill and submit a master exam application  
  • Have work experience of at least 6 years

If your application is accepted you will be invited to sit for an exam. Once you are issued with a master electrician license, keep in mind that it must be renewed yearly. 

Electrician Training in Michigan

Becoming a Master Electrician in Detroit 

To become a master electrician, you must meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Be a resident of Detroit 
  • Be 22 years or older 
  • Have work experience of at least 12,000 hours 
  • Have held a journeyman license from Detroit  for at least 24 months

Unlike in Grand Rapids, you will be required to submit two masters electrician applications. Other requirements are a copy of your driver's license, a notarized letter proving you have gained the required 12,000 hours of experience and have worked under the supervision of master electrician in Michigan. 

If you meet these requirements, you will be invited to sit for an open codebook exam. The exam will have 75 multiple questions and the applicant will have 3 hours to finish it. Expect to be tested in the following topics: 

  • The National Electrical Code 
  • Electrical Theory and Concepts 
  • Calculations 
  • Public Act 217

If you pass the exam, keep in mind that your master electrician license must be renewed every 12 months. 

Becoming a Master Electrician in Michigan

If you are a Michigan resident who is not from Detroit or Grand Rapids, then the following minimum requirements must be met before you become a master electrician in Michigan

  • Must provide a notarized statement proving that you have a work experience of 6 years 
  • Fill and submit a master exam application form 
  • Be a resident of Michigan but not live in Detroit or Grand Rapids 
  • Be at least 22 years old 

If you meet the threshold required by the state of Michigan, then you will be invited to sit for a master electrician exam. 

Note: It will cost you $100 to sit for this exam. The exam is an open book exam with a 75% pass mark. If you fail the exam, you will be required to re-do it with only two attempts allowed in 24 months.

A fee of $50 will be charged for your license which is renewed every 12 months. 

Electrical Training in Michigan as an Independent Electrical Contractor 

Your electrician training Michigan has been preparing you for this very moment.  All your sweat and sacrifices are about to pay off. As an independent contractor, you will be at the top of the PayScale and your opinion respected. You will also be able to bid for multimillion-dollar projects that will change your life forever. 

To become an independent contractor, you must be in possession of a master electrician license.  To apply, you must fill and submit this application form to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. If accepted, PSI Exams will schedule an exam which has 40 questions with a pass mark of 75%.  Expect to be evaluated in the following areas: 

  • Act 230 of 1972 
  • Electrical Code Rules 
  • Electrical Administrative Board Rules 
  • Act 497 of 1980 Construction Lien Act 
  • Electrical Administrative Act 217 of 1956

Note: The exam will cost $100 

Electrician Training in Michigan

Electrician Salary in Michigan

Electrician salary in Michigan varies depending on the level of training, area of specialization and location. 

Salaries for Specialty Electricians in Michigan

Electricians Specializing in Commercial and Industrial Equipment

  • Grand Rapids-Wyoming: $52,800 – $63,490 
  • Ann Arbor: $59,990 – $78,090 
  • Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills: $50,050 – $78,990 
  • Detroit-Warren-Dearborn: $58,199 – $79,520 

Powerline Installers and Repairers 

  • Grand Rapids-Wyoming: $63,400 – $94,980 
  • Muskegon: $77,910 – $97,200 
  • Ann Arbor: $88,920 – $110,40 
  • Monroe: $79,970 – $96,630 
  • Monroe: $74,870 – $98,930 

Fire Alarm System Installers 

  • Flint: $37,790 – $61,470 
  • Detroit-Warren-Dearborn: $50,720 – $63,370 

Motor Vehicle Installers and Repairers

  • Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills: $29,980 – $43,180 
  • Detroit-Warren-Dearborn: $33,860 – $49,000

It is clear that electricians live a good life with numerous electrician programs in Michigan to choose from; you can never be out of options. You can decide to become a residential electrician, industrial electrician or even a commercial electrician.