Electrician Salary in Michigan: Is the Journey Worth It?

Electrician Salary in Michigan

Hi there! Did you know that an electrician salary in Michigan is greatly affected by several factors such as location, industry, experience and demand? This explains why one electrician will live a more comfortable life when compared to another, yet they are in the same industry. Our goal is to guide you on a path that is right for you along with informing you how to take advantage of certain industries to make the most money.

We receive numerous emails and questions from aspiring electricians wondering whether this is a rewarding profession. The question we get asked the most is "how much do electricians make in Michigan?" This article has been inspired by this question along with all the other kinds of questions we get. Before we dive into details, we have compared the average electrician salary with the average salary of popular professions in the State: 

  1. Electricians: $55,670 
  2. Watch Repairers: $54,600 
  3. Industry Machinery Mechanics: $51,430 
  4. Glaziers: $45,170 
  5. Roofers: $43,800 
  6. Rock Splitters: $39,980 
  7. Bus Drivers: $28,600
  8. Slaughterhouse Meat Packers: $27,900 

The figures above have been sourced from the State Occupation Employment Wage Estimates compiled by the Bureau of Statistics. It is clear that obtaining electrical training in Michigan and pursuing this as a career will give you the opportunity to live a more comfortable life.

Job Forecast for Electricians in Michigan 

The lucrativeness of an industry is always determined by the growth of the sector. The market for electricians in Michigan is expected to grow by 20% until the year 2022. Factors fuelling the demand for electricians in Michigan are:

  • Growth of the construction industry 
  • Growth of the maintenance industry  
  • Shortage of electricians  as a result of an earlier recession 

Factors Affecting the Demand for Electricians in Michigan 

Technology Trends 

Technology has revolutionized America with power consumers demanding cleaner and more affordable electricity. As a result, the demand for alternative power such as the use of wind and solar has resulted in the demand for solar electricians. The state of Michigan has also introduced new electrical programs that barely existed a decade ago such as installation and maintenance programs. 

Inefficient Electrical Infrastructure 

This mainly applies to old power lines that require constant repair and maintenance. As a result, the demand for more power line repairers and installers has been on the rise. 

Growth of the Electronics Industry 

This has resulted in the demand for electronic electricians to install and maintain electronic functions and equipment. 

Apprentice Electrician Salary in Michigan 

The first electrician salary you get is when you qualify to become an apprentice. It is advisable to first enrol in an electrical trade school especially if you lack any electrical knowledge.

To join an apprenticeship program, check with the Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee {MASCI}. To qualify for an electrical apprenticeship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Michigan resident 
  • Have no criminal record 
  • Pass a drug screening test 
  • Complete an application for electrical apprentice licence 
  • Pay a check of $15 to the state of Michigan 
Electrician Salary in Michigan

Electrician Apprentice Salary Michigan 

The average electrician wage in Michigan is $48,500 as of December 26th 2021. Your income will differ from one town to another. It is important to note that a union electrician salary in Michigan will vary from that of a non-union member. This is because unions negotiate salaries based on the prevailing market conditions while a non-union member will be paid what other non-union shops pay their apprentices.  

This means the salary is not based on a market rate. Below are some electrician salaries in Michigan: 

  • Acme, Michigan: $40,100 - $51,900 
  • Adrian, Michigan: $42,500 - $55,400 
  • Bark River, Michigan: $40,000 - $52,550 
  • Belleville, Michigan: $44,300 - $57,250 
  • Big Bay, Michigan: $40,500 - $52,500 
  • Clinton, Michigan: $44,000 - $57,100 
  • Fowlerville, Michigan: $42,450 - $54,900 

Apprenticeship Salary in Detroit 

The state of Detroit has its own apprenticeship requirements. To become an apprentice in Detroit, you are required to meet the following requirements: 

  • Have no criminal record 
  • Be a legal Detroit resident 
  • Be at least 18 years or older 
  • Fill a City of Detroit Apprentice application 
  • Provide a copy of your front and back driver's license 
  • submit your application to the Electrical Inspection Division Board

If approved, your apprenticeship salary will be between $43,600 to $56,500 

Apprentice Electrician Salary in Michigan Grand Rapids 

To qualify for an apprenticeship in the city of Grand Rapids, you must meet the following requirements: 

If accepted, your apprenticeship rate will be $41,800 to $53,860 

Journeyman Electrician Salary in Michigan 

To qualify as a journeyman electrician, you are required to fulfil certain conditions and then pass a journeyman exam. If you are in the county of Michigan and not a resident of Detroit or Grand Rapids, you are required to fulfil the following conditions: 

  • Be at least 20 years or older 
  • Fill an application for a journeyman exam  
  • Attach notarized documents to prove you have  gained a minimum experience of 8,000 hours 
  • Submit your application to the Electrical Division in Lansing 

You will be required to sit for a journeyman exam at a fee of $100. If you pass your exam expect to earn a journeyman electrician salary Michigan of $59,800. This figure will vary from one town to another as demonstrated below: 

  • Brethren, Michigan: $56,200 - $62,100 
  • Clawson, Michigan: $54,300 - $68,890 
  • Eau Claire, Michigan: $50,800 - $64,209 
  • Daggett, Michigan: $54,690 - $64,800 
  • Forestville, Michigan: $48,100 - $62,100 
  • Hancock, Michigan: $49,999 - $63,670 
  • Marquette, Michigan: $50,000 - $65,990 
  • Escanaba, Michigan: $49,600 - $64,000 
Electrician Salary in Michigan

Journeyman Electrician Salary in Detroit

To become a journeyman in Detroit, you are required to fulfil the following requirements: 

  • Prove that you have a work experience of at least  8,000 hours 
  • Be 20 years or older 
  • Be a legal Detroit resident 
  • Complete and submit an application for journeyman electrician license 
  • Attach 2 passport  photos of yourself 
  • Attach a front and back copy of your driver's license 
  • Provide notarized documents to prove you have worked under the supervision of a master electrician

If you become a qualified journeyman, continue with your electrician training in Michigan to increase your earning potential. Expect your electrician wage to be $53,400 to $68,900. 

Journeyman Electrician Salary in Grand Rapids

To Qualify for a journeyman license in Grand Rapids, you are required to meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Be a legal resident of Grand Rapids 
  • Be 20 years or older 
  • Fill and submit a Journeyman Exam Application 
  • Attach notarized documents to prove you have work experience of 4 years 
  • Pay a registration fee of $15

Expect your Journeyman electrician pay Michigan to be around $50,900 to $65,600. 

Master Electrician Salary in Michigan

To start earning a master electrician salary in Michigan, you are required to sit for a master electrician exam. The following requirements must be met: 

  • Have work experience of at least 6 years 
  • Must be 22 years or older 
  • Must be a Michigan resident but not from Detroit or Grand Rapids 
  • Fill and submit an Application for Master Electrician Exam 

If your application is accepted, you will pay PSI $100 to facilitate your exams. If you get your license, expect your master electrician wage Michigan to be around $55,600 to $70,100. The salary will defer from one town to the other: 

  • Harbor Beach, Michigan: $51,390 to $64,700 
  • Coldwater, Michigan: $55,600 to $68,990 
  • Dowling, Michigan: $54,900 to $69,300 
  • Brutus, Michigan: $53,300 to $64,700 
  • Iron River, Michigan: $52,800 to $66,700 
  • De Tour Village, Michigan: $51,300 to $67,700 
  • Six Lakes, Michigan: $53,700 to $67,800 
  • Mosherville, Michigan: $54,580 to $68,700 
  • Williamston, Michigan: $54,200 to $68,500 
Electrician Salary in Michigan

Master Electrician Salary In Detroit 

To become a master electrician in Detroit you are required to fulfil the following conditions: 

  • Be a legal resident of Detroit 
  • Be at least 22 years old 
  • Be a journeyman license holder for at least 24 months 
  • Have work experience of at least 6 years 
  • Fill and Submit a Master Electrician License Application

If you pass your exam expect to earn a master electrician wage of $56,990 to $71,850 

Master Electrician Salary in Grand Rapids 

The following requirements must be met to become a master electrician in Grand Rapids: 

  • Be a Grand Rapid Legal Resident 
  • Have work experience of at least 6 years 
  • Submit an Application for City Master Electrician License 
  • Pay an application fee of $50

Expect a salary of $54,800 to $68,900 

Specialty Electrician Salaries in Michigan

The following are specialty electrician salaries as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 

Power-Line Installers and Repairers

  • Ann Arbor: $89,820 – $110,400 
  • Muskegon: $79,910 – $96,900 
  • Detroit: $74,910 – $97,520 
  • Farmington Hills: $74,320 – $97,800 

Security and Fire Alarm Installers

  • Flint: $40,990 – $62,670
  • Farmington Hills: $45,660 – $67,680
  • Detroit: $50,300 – $63,550 
  • Grand Rapids: $50,400 – $68,660
  • East Lansing: $48,700 – $66,140 

Commercial and Industrial Electronic Repairers 

  • Ann Arbor: $62,970 – $78,890 
  • Grand Rapids: $54,900 – $64,690 
  • East Lansing: $67,490 – $78,050 
  • Detroit: $57,300 – $80,330 

Home Entertainment and Repairers

  • Farmington Hills: $44,440 – $70,100 
  • Detroit: $51,400 – $76,800 
  • Grand Rapids: $34,540 – $52,800 

Powerhouse and Substation Electricians 

  • Farmington Hills: $82,200 – $99,820 
  • Detroit: $76,650 – $90,900 

Motor Vehicle Electricians 

  • Farmington Hills: $32,900 – $46,880 
  • Detroit: $34,700 – $51,600 

Based on the information provided, it is clear that the journey is worth it. To maximize your electrician income, it is good to strategize on the best town to work in.

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