Electrician Salary in Dallas Texas: Start Your Professional Career 

Electrician Salary in Dallas Texas

Did you know that an electrician salary in Dallas Texas averaged $50,000 a year? This was in 2012. Now, the average electrician salary stands at $104,800 for electrical engineers and $57,220 for power line installers and repairers. If you are not yet an electrician you are missing out big time! Let us compare this salary with the average salaries in other professions: 

  • Plumbers: $49,000 
  • Carpenters: $39,530 
  • Construction Laborers: $33,120 
  • Service unit operators: $46,380 
  • Machine services and Repairers: $36,550 
  • Textile and apparel workers: $25,010 

Electrician Salary in Dallas Texas as an Apprentice 

The first step to starting your electrician journey is joining a trade school to fulfil the requirements for journeyman electrician license in Texas. A trade school is the most logical step especially if you lack prior electrical knowledge. You can either decide to enrol for a 2-year degree program or a 12-month diploma program if you are eager to join the job market quickly. 

Apprentice Salary 

As an apprentice, expect your electrician salary in Dallas Texas to be around $36,981 with an hourly wage of $18.52. 

Electrician Salary in Dallas Texas as a Journeyman 

To become a journeyman, you must fulfil the following requirements: 

  • Have worked under the supervision of a master electrician for at least 8,000 hours 
  • Have an experience verification form for each employer you have worked for 
  • Submit an application to the Texas Department and Licensing Regulation {TDLR}  
  • Pay a Non-refundable fee of $35 
  • Pass your licensing exam 

Journeyman Salary  

As a journeyman, expect your electrician salary in Dallas Texas to be around $51,500 – $66,000 with an hourly wage of $26. 

Salary of a Master Electrician in Dallas Texas 

To qualify as a master electrician, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Be a holder of a journeyman license for at least 24 months 
  • Have a job experience of at least 12,000 hours  
  • Have worked under the supervision of a master electrician 
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of $50 
  • Sit and pass a master electrician exam  

Expect your master electrician Salary in Dallas to be around $67,000 – $89,000 with an hourly wage of $35.28. 

Salary of an Electrical Contractor in Dallas Texas 

Becoming an electrical contractor requires you have a business license. The following business licenses are up for grabs: 

  • Partnership 
  • Corporation 
  • Limited liability Company 
  • Sole proprietorship 
  • Limited liability Partnership 

To qualify for this license, you must have employed one electrician, have a workers compensation coverage and have a valid master electrician license. 

Expect your salary to be above $93,000 

Specialty Electrician Salaries in Dallas Texas 

  • Electrical Engineers: $104,800 
  • Electrical Powerhouse and Substation Electricians: $65,790 
  • Electrical Power line installers and Repairers: $57,220 
  • Electronic Home Equipment Repairers and Installers: $34,650 
  • Helper Electricians:  $34,250 

An electrician salary in Dallas Texas will vary depending on the location and industry. According to the US Bureau of Statics electrician demand in Texas is at an all-time high and this creates a lucrative opportunity for aspiring electricians.