Electrical Trade Schools in Austin TX: Start Your Professional Career 

Electrical Trade Schools in Austin TX

Are you looking for the best electrical trade schools in Austin TX? Do you want to become an electrician and earn a salary of $116,900? As an electrician in Austin TX, you get to enjoy life with a silver spoon and retire a wealthy man.  

Compare this with other professions: 

  • Electrical Engineers: $116,900 
  • Powerhouse and Substation Electricians: $66,370 
  • Cashiers: $22,580 
  • Retail Sales Person: $28,090 
  • Travel agents: $31,410 
  • Mail Clerks: $30,090 
  • Plumbers and pipe-fitters: $49,350 
  • Carpenters: $39,630 
  • Taxi Drivers: $24,350 

The salary wages above have been compiled from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. It is clear that being an electrician in Austin is a profitable venture. However; to reach your goals and be in a position to earn a six-digit salary, you must enrol in one of the best electrician schools in Texas. 

Unlike a decade ago, finding the right school is a challenge and that is why we recommend you fill the form below and we will connect you to an accredited trade school. 

Electrical Trade Schools in Austin TX 

Electrical trade schools in Austin TX have two main purposes; the first is to ensure the student is impacted with the necessary skills required to make him a Journeyman. The second is to link the student with an apprenticeship program so that the student can gain the required work experience. If a trade school does not offer these two main services, then the school may not be an accredited school. 

Electrical Trade School Requirements in Austin TX 

Electrical trade schools do not have stringent requirements: 

  • Have a GED 
  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Have proof that you have passed an algebra class 

When evaluating the best electrical schools in Austin TX lookout for the following: 

  1. The course structure must be approved by the Texas licensing board. The board is responsible for ensuring that all trade schools are within the required international standard. 
  2. The best electrician schools in Texas should have a financial AID program. On average it will cost you $20,000 to enrol in an electrician trade school. The figure can be higher depending on several factors such as the location of the school and the cost of equipment.  
  3. The school must have an apprentice program. Without this program, you will never graduate into a journeyman. To be on the safe side, click on get training now and we will guide you through the process. 

Electrical Certifications and Licenses in Austin 

After a 48-week training program, you should expect to be awarded an associate degree. After trade school, the following licenses will be up for grabs: 

To enrol in one of the best electrical trade schools in Austin TX and start a fulfilling career as an electrician, fill the form below and we will connect you to an accredited school in your area

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