Requirements for Journeyman Electrician License in Texas | Start Your Professional Journey  

Requirements for Journeyman Electrician License in Texas

The following requirements for Journeyman Electrician License in Texas are mandatory if you plan to start your professional career. As a journeyman, your hourly wage will be around $24.73 with an annual salary of $51,430. As you progress in your electrician career you will ultimately qualify to become a master electrician and earn an annual wage of $61,411.  As you gain more work experience you will ultimately become an independent electrician with a yearly wage of above $100,000.

Wages are mostly determined by demand in your local area and the industry of specialization. To know more about the most lucrative electrical industries in your local area or to enrol in one of the best electrician schools in Texas, fill the form below and we will be in touch. 

Requirements for Journeyman Electrician License in Texas

To sit for a journeyman exam you are required to have a job experience of at least 4 years which is equivalent to 4,000 hours of work experience. To gain these experience you can either: 

  • Join a Trade school 


  • Enrol in either a union or a non-union apprenticeship program 

Joining a Trade School in Texas 

Joining a trade school is the best approach if you are a layman. This is because electrician schools in Texas are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation {TDLR} which standardizes the curriculum. In a trade school, you will learn basic electrician concepts and advance to topics such as: 

  • Tech Electrical 
  • Standard First Aid 
  • Commercial wiring 
  • Grounding Electrical 
  • Fibre Optic Electrical 
  • Arc welding 
  • Electric Motor control 
  • Conduit Bending 

Electrician Training Through a Union Apprenticeship 

Another way to fulfil the requirements for journeyman electrician license in Texas is by joining a union apprenticeship program. The program is sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers {IBEW} which works together with the National Electrical Contractors Association to find placement opportunities for aspiring electricians. 

Electrician Training in Texas through a Non-Union Apprenticeship 

Non-union apprenticeships are organized by the Independent Electrical Contractors {IEC} or the Associated Builders and Contractors, INC {ABC}. This is done through local chapters such as: 

  • IEC of Texas 
  • IEC Dallas Chapter  
  • El Paso Chapter IEC 


  • ABC-South Texas Chapter   
  • ABC- Texas Gulf Coast Chapter 
  • ABC – Central Texas Chapter 

Sitting for Journeyman Electrician Exam in Texas

After you have gained the required experience to sit for a journeyman exam, it is now time to get a license.  The first step is to fill out an application and then pay a fee of $30. The application should be mailed to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. If they accept your application you will be invited to sit for the exam.  

To pass the exam you are required to have a pass mark of 70% and you will be evaluated on topics such as electrical feeders, Renewable energy technology and electrical equipment.  

In a nutshell, it will take you approximately 4 years to meet the minimum requirements for journeyman electrician license in Texas. The good thing about this is that you get paid $16.89 while you train as an apprentice. To start your apprentice journey and join one of the most profitable careers in Texas, fill in the form below and we will connect you to an electrician school near you.