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What is an electrician career like? You may know you want to be an electrician, but have you really thought about what that means? What’s expected from you by employers, customers, colleagues?

What qualifications and certification do you need? How long does it take to finish your apprenticeship? How long will you be a journeyman, and will you be expected to train new apprentices as they come through the ranks?

An Electrician Career

How about money? Which specialist industries pay the most when you’re prepared to work in dangerous industries, or brave difficult environments and locations? Do you need private insurance, or will your employer provide this?

Should you join a union? What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so? And which organizations should you consider if you want to unionize?

When it’s time to move on, how can you package your skills to appeal to a new employer with a great resume?

We cover these topics in great depth here, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to drop me an email.

What Does an Electrician Career Entail?

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Electrician Job Description

Electrician Job Description

What is expected of an electrician? How long does it take to become fully qualified? How much time will you need to spend at school, or can you skip the classes and learn on the job? And how much do electricians get paid?

Electrician Jobs

Electrician Jobs

What kind of specialist work can a qualified spark expect to find? Learn about the high-paying, high-risk industries which will compensate you very well for putting your skills and body on the line.


Rig Electrician
Maintenance Electrician 
Substation Electrician
Power Lineman

Become An Electrician

Become An Electrician

Find out what you need to survive and thrive in this demanding career. Will you unionize? How much time do you need to spend training or retraining each year? What courses are available? How do you write a resume?


Electrician Resume
Electrical Training
Electrician Course
Electrician Certification
Electrician Training
Electrician Union

Thinking About Becoming An Electrician?

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Electrician Safety is the number one priority in the workplace.

Don't invest in the wrong tools for your first day as an electrician.
Find detailed lists of what tools you will need and what you won't.

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