Trade Schools San Antonio

Learning a trade is essential if you want a career that takes you farther in life. When you’re an electrician or a lineman, people rely on you to set up and maintain power lines and work in people’s homes. You handle emergency repairs from ice, wind, and lightning, install new services, and much more. 

Employers often hire people with little experience, but they want them to know the basics. Electrician schools in San Antonio help you learn the ropes faster so that you can start earning a salary and advance in your career. Please fill in the form below to be connected with the best electrical trade schools in San Antonio, TX.

How Does an Electrician Trade School in San Antonio Work? 

Sometimes called a technical school, a trade school is a college-like educational institute that trains students for a particular field or career. If you want to enter a mechanical trade (electrical), it gives you the practical information you need to become an entry-level employee. 

Benefits of a San Antonio Electrician Trade School 

Your San Antonio electrician trade school offers flexible class schedules to accommodate your current job, family responsibilities, and everything else. Often, these facilities have career services to help you find an employer once you complete the coursework. 

In a sense, trade schools want you to succeed and are designed for those who wish to complete their coursework quickly to start working faster. You gain initial experience to be competitive in this job market and have the potential to get career advancement opportunities sooner because you already have the basics down! 

What Do Electrical Trade Schools in San Antonio, TX, Offer?

Expect a hands-on learning approach when you enroll in electrician school in San Antonio. Trade schools often take a two-year degree and shorten it to under 12 months, though some schools might offer 18-month plans. 

Trade schools often teach these subjects: 

  • Repair, calibration, and design of machinery 
  • Electrical theories 
  • Building codes 
  • Safety practices 
  • Power distribution 
  • Concepts for residential and commercial wiring 
  • Ways to increase electrical capacity 
  • Low/high voltage electric equipment 

It doesn’t matter what lineman school in San Antonio you choose because they all teach the National Electrical Code. This is a crucial guideline designed by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) and is mandatory for all electrical students, regardless of their state of residence. That’s a good thing! Everyone’s on the same page! 

Average Annual Salary and Job Outlook

The average salary for an electrician in San Antonio is $50,733, though the range is anywhere from $44,231 to $58,890. However, the pay increases when you advance to become an electrical engineer or powerhouse repair person. Once you complete your training at a lineman school in San Antonio, you will be in high demand. 

Electrician employment is projected to grow about nine percent between now and 2030, which is considered fast compared to other occupations. There are about 85,000 job openings for electricians each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of them result from people who want to retire or explore different positions. 

Cost of Attending San Antonio Trade Schools

The cost of attending electrical trade schools in San Antonio, TX, can vary based on many factors. These include the type of institution you choose, the price of equipment necessary for training, and the level of education you require. Overall, it’s about $20,000 for everything. 


Attending an electrician school in San Antonio is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get into the electrical trade. You boost your chances of getting a job quickly and learn the basics. 

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