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Are you hoping to become an electrician?  

Electricians are skilled professionals that do more than just keep the lights on. Every industry requires electrical equipment, which is why skilled tradesmen are always in demand. Like countless others, you, too, can find a fulfilling career in the electrical field! 

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Why Become an Electrician in Rochester?

Suppose you’re wondering whether becoming an electrician is worth the trouble. In that case, you may be surprised to learn just how rewarding a career in the field can be!

1. The Demand for Electricians In New York Is Rising

According to the New York State Department of Labor, there is a 23 percent increase in the demand for electricians in the state. Between 2014 and 2024, the New York State Department of Labor predicts a 23 percent increase in demand for electricians. 

Moreover, you can expect to earn an average of $51,400 per year as an electrician, although this could easily rise to $58,600 per year.

These earnings are higher than the national average of over $47,900 per year and a maximum of $54,600 per year. 

2. There Are Lots of Opportunities for Industrial Electricians

Becoming an industrial electrician comes with a number of perks. Firstly, you can expect to receive a handsome paycheck every month. You'll also receive free training to help you better understand the equipment you'll be working with.  

If you’re hoping to become an electrician, you’ll find that Rochester is brimming with opportunity. According to statistics, electricians in the manufacturing industry are among the most well-paid industrial electricians. 

Fortunately, manufacturing is one of the major industries in Rochester, and there are a number of major manufacturing plants that pay well. The most prominent goods manufactured in the city are: 

  • Computer and electronic goods 
  • Machinery 
  • Plastic and rubber products 
  • Printing equipment 
  • Fabricated metal products 

3. A Growing Population Creates More Opportunities for Residential Electricians

According to census data, Rochester's population increased by 654 residents from 210,674 in 2010 to 211,328 in 2020. The rise, albeit small, was the city's very first since 1950. A growing population means greater opportunities for tradesmen. Since electricians play such an important role, more residents will create more work for residential electrical workers. 

4. Major Projects in the City Further Contribute to the Demand for Electrical Tradesmen

With several transformational changes happening in Rochester, the need for electricians to install electrical systems is increasing. Here are some of the major projects underway in the city that could create an opportunity for an apprenticeship:  

  • Roc the Riverway 
  • La Marketa and Pueblo Nuevo 
  • Inner Loop 

How to Become a Licensed Electrician in Rochester  

Becoming an electrician involves a simple three-step process. You must first earn on-the-job experience as an apprentice before passing the exam and applying for your electrical contractor or a master electrician license. 

Because there is no state-wide legislation in New York, cities and counties are responsible for providing electrical licenses. 

While it isn’t hard to become an electrician, it takes lots of dedication and hard work.  

You’ll also need to find an electrician trade school in NY to help you obtain the fundamental knowledge that will give you a competitive edge against other aspiring electricians applying for an electrician apprenticeship in Rochester, NY. 

Find an Electrician School in Rochester Now!

There’s no doubt that becoming an electrician can be a rewarding career. You will get the chance to work with your hands while being challenged mentally. Moreover, there are several areas you can choose to specialize in. 

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