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The professional electrical industry is one of the most popular in the United States, and you can work towards your career as an electrician by enrolling in professional trade schools in Buffalo, NY. 

Many training courses can be completed in as little as a year, allowing you to sit for your license exam just a few months after completing your relevant electrical apprenticeship. 

Factors You Need to Consider About Electrician School in Buffalo, NY

You've decided to pursue a career as an electrician, and you'll soon need to choose the best-certified electrician school for you. Although you may be taught that all Buffalo trade schools are the same, there are a few things to consider before deciding which electrician programs to enroll in.

One of the most important factors that'll help you choose the correct courses is an official recognition by the New York licensing board. The following are a few other topics to look into: 

  • Ensure that the school teaches you topics that match with current field guidelines 
  • Look for an electrician school, that complies with New York qualification standards 
  • Check to see if the school’s program offers an electrician apprenticeship opportunity 
  • Ask if the institution offers financial aid 

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Why Should You Become an Electrician? | Where Can You Thrive in The City of No Illusions? 

When getting into any profession, including the electrician field, you want to ensure that you’re working in the businesses and industries that contribute to the area’s future plans and success the most. If you want to jump straight into residential and commercial projects once you’ve completed electrician trade school in Buffalo, NY, you should have a look at the following industries: 


According to research, the top employers in Buffalo are from the healthcare sector. The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has more than 12,000 people that learn and work on the campus each year. Furthermore, Buffalo has quietly emerged as a major research center, with faculty researchers leading the drive in genomics, genetics, and bioinformatics. 

These initiatives' resources and synergy keep attracting qualified and talented workers to the region, making Buffalo an increasingly appealing location for young professionals. 

Take a look at the healthcare sector - it uses a great deal of equipment, machinery, and other electronics. Additionally, with the constant research and development, electricians will most certainly be in demand to help develop equipment and bring the ideas to life.  


Did you know that Buffalo has over 20 universities and over 100,000 students? This excludes staff and academics. The University of Buffalo spends more than $400 million each year on research that has far-reaching implications in the fields of technology, industry, and healthcare. 

A considerable section of the population is also employed and served by Buffalo Public Schools. The school district employs teachers and staff at more than 70 campuses around the area, serving more than 34,000 students. Many other districts in the Buffalo-Niagara area employ a considerable number of local residents. 

With a great deal of focus on technology, electricians are in high demand. Think about the high number of students and facilities. They need someone to assist with routine maintenance when it comes to electrical wiring, lighting, and expanding the school facilities. This could be the perfect fit for an electrician. 

Are There Any Major Upcoming Projects in Buffalo? 

From building more affordable homes to developing high-profile skyscrapers, there are numerous projects aspiring electricians could get involved in once they’ve completed Buffalo, New York trade schools. Here are a few of the potential job opportunities: 

  • Lancaster Square at Gates Circle 
  • McCarley Gardens 
  • Elmwood Crossing 
  • Trico Building 
  • Statler 

Population Statistics in Buffalo

According to statistics, there is a population decline in Buffalo. The population is currently at 884,000 people, a 0.23% decline from 2021. Trends indicate that this number has been declining since 2018. However, there's no need to worry about a loss of job opportunities as Buffalo is still one of the most densely populated areas in New York.  

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