Journeyman Electrician Salary Texas: The Best Paying Cities

Journeyman Electrician Salary Texas

Hello Texas! Did you know that a journeyman electrician salary Texas will vary from one city to the other? This means, if you are not careful you may end up getting shortchanged. Why work for less if you can work for more in a different city or town? Electrician demand is on a 10 year high and this is expected to last until the year 2024. 

The following development projects are estimated to create employment opportunities for electricians: 

  • Construction of an Inter Continental Houston Medical Center 
  • Expansion of the Museum of Fine Arts in Texas 
  • Construction of the Post Oak 
  • Construction of a $1.1B McNair campus 

As you prepare to start your electrical training, it is important to know which region pays more to maximize your income. In an entry-level position, expect your salary to be around $45,000 a year. In some towns, this can be as high as $53,000. 

If you are yet to start your training, refer to electrician apprentice salary in Texas on the best towns to enrol for an apprenticeship program.

Becoming a Journeyman Electrician in Texas

Once you have gained the minimum work experience required by the Texas licensing and regulation board, you can then apply for a journeyman license. The license will cost you $70 and you are expected to get a pass mark of at least 70%. If you plan to continue with your electrician training in Texas, make sure to complete your continuing education requirements. 

Journeyman Electrician Salary Texas  

Once you get your journeyman license, the city you decide to work in will significantly influence your pay and ultimately your standards of living. We have categorized different towns depending on the first letters of the alphabet to make it easy to refer: 

  • Anderson County, Texas: $51,276 
  • Aransas County, Texas: $46,409 
  • Atascosa County, Texas: $51,520 
  • Austin County, Texas: $52,830 

  • Bell County, Texas: $50,000 
  • Brazoria County, Texas: $48,966 
  • Brown County, Texas: $47,200 

  • Cochran County, Texas: $51,690 
  • Collin County, Texas: $51,521 
  • Concho County, Texas: $53,120 
  • Coryell County, Texas: $51,528 

  • El Paso County, Texas: $40,612 
  • Edwards County, Texas: $56,035 

  • Fayette County, Texas: $52,165 
  • Fannin County: $45,417 

  • Madison County, Texas: $51,044 
  • McCulloch County, Texas: $49,549 
  • Montgomery County, Texas: $49,375 
  • Milam County, Texas: $52,376 

  • Terry County, Texas: $48,369 
  • Titus County, Texas: $43,815 
  • Tyler County, Texas: $49,871 
  • Taylor County, Texas: $47,789 

  • Waller County, Texas: $50,590 
  • Washington County, Texas: $51,183 
  • Wilson County, Texas: $49,700 

From the comparison above, it is clear that the city you work in will significantly influence your journeyman electrician salary in Texas.

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