Electrician Training in Kentucky | How To Become An Electrician

Electrician Training in Kentucky

Are you looking for electrician training in Kentucky? Are you wondering what it takes to become an independent electrician and bid for multimillion-dollar projects? If so, this article was written just for you. The article has been created as a step-by-step guide for aspiring and practicing electricians in Kentucky. 

This is the best time to become an electrician. It is projected that the number of electricians required to meet demand will grow by more than 26% until the year 2024. Until the demand is met, electrician wages will continue to shoot through the roof.  

On average, you can expect your electrician salary in Kentucky to be around $53,060. This can be as high as $86,800 for electronic engineers.

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Gaining the Experience Required to Become a Licensed Electrician

To become a journeyman, you are required to meet the following conditions: 

  • Have a classroom training of 576 hours with work experience of 4 years 


  • Have work experience of 6 years performing electrical work 

Do not be intimidated by the years of experience required because Rome was never built in a day. As an apprentice, expect your electrician apprenticeship ky salary to be around $44,700 per year.

To gain the required work experience, you can either: 

  • Work as a technical assistant to a licensed electrical contractor 


  • Join an apprenticeship program 


  • Join a technical college  

Electrical Training in Kentucky as a Technical Assistant

If you do not want to attend a formal apprenticeship program, then this approach will work just fine. The only downfall of this strategy is that you will have to personally have to find an employer willing to take you in. Keep in mind that you will have to take an individual course to qualify as a journeyman. Fill in your details below to get an accredited electrical trade school near you. 

We have identified three of the best Kentucky electrical companies you can consider to work for: 

  • Relco Electric in Fern Creek 
  • Beacon Electric in Fairdale 
  • Caye Electric in Louisville 

It is important to note that most employers will only consider you if you have some electrical experience. 

Become an Electrician in Kentucky Through an Apprenticeship Program

Electrician Training in Kentucky

Electrician training in Kentucky through an apprenticeship program offers a great opportunity for the apprentice to gain the required work experience. There are two types of apprenticeship programs available in Kentucky:

  • Union Apprenticeship Program 
  • Non-Union Apprenticeship Program 

Electrician School In Kentucky Through Union Apprenticeship Programs 

Union apprenticeship programs are offered by the Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee {JATC}. The local JATC program is offered under a partnership between the National Electrical Contractors Association {NECA} and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 

One main advantage of a union apprenticeship program is that your wage is negotiated on your behalf by the union. In most cases, it will be based on the prevailing market rates. Also, the apprenticeship program has an educational aspect to it. 

To be admitted in a union apprenticeship program, you must meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Have a GED 
  • Be at least 18 years 
  • Be physically fit 
  • Pass an aptitude test 
  • Provide a copy of your passport photo

To enrol in a union program, you can visit the following offices:

  • Paducah JATC 
  • Louisville Electrical JATC 
  • Owensboro Elec. JATC Trust 

Electrician Training Through Non-Union Apprenticeship Programs

A non-union apprenticeship program is where you work under a non-union shop. Here, your wages are determined by the Open Shop you work in based on what other union shops pay their workers. One main advantage of a non-union apprenticeship program is that the shop will reward you if your efforts directly contribute to its success.

A non-union apprenticeship program is organized by the Independent Electrical Contractors {IEC} and the Associated Builders and Contractors. To qualify for this program, you are required to meet the following minimum requirements: 

  • Provide a passport photo of yourself
  • Be at least 18 years 
  • Have a GED 
  • Be Physically fit 

Note: if you plan to apply for a non-union apprentice program through the Independent Electrical Contractors, you must sit and pass a Bluegrass entrance exam.

To join a non-union apprenticeship program, you can visit one of the five offices below:

  • ABC-Indiana 
  • IEC of the Bluegrass 
  • IEC Kentucky  
  • IEC of South Indiana Chapter 
  • IEC of Greater Cincinnati 

Electrical Training Through Joining a Technical College

Joining a technical college is an ideal choice especially if you lack prior electrical knowledge. By joining a technical school, you will either graduate with an electrical diploma or an associate’s degree. The best technical schools to join are those that offer apprentice placements because at the end of your program, you must have the work-related experience to qualify as a journeyman. 

It is also advisable to look for a technical college that has a financial AID program. This can either be in the form of a bursary or the school offers discounted electrical equipment. Expect to learn the following topics through a trade school;

  • The National Electric Code 
  • Blueprint Reading 
  • Lighting Protection 
  • Motor Theory 
  • DC/AC Theory  
  • First Aid Training 
  • CPR 

Sitting for a Journeyman License

Electrician Training in Kentucky

Once you have met the required minimum requirements, you can now apply for an electrician license through the Kentucky Electrical Division of Public Protection Cabinet. To apply you are required to meet the following conditions: 

  • Provide notarized documents to prove you have the required work experience 
  • Provide colored photos of yourself 
  • Provide proof you passed your academic tests 
  • Provided notarized documents to prove you have the required classroom training of 576 hours 
  • Have a copy of your birth certificate  
  • Have a copy of your driver’s License

If you meet the above requirements, you will be invited to sit for a Kentucky Journeyman License exam.

Exam Details

You might be wondering what a journeyman exam is like. The exam will have a set time frame of four hours.  It will be an Open book exam and this means that you can use reference books such as the 2014 National Electric Code. 

It will have 80 multiple choice questions based on the following subjects: 

  • Wiring Methods and Materials 
  • Branch Circuits and Conductors 
  • General Knowledge 
  • Feeders 
  • Services and Service Equipment  
  • Special Occupancies 
  • Motors 
  • Generators

Expect most of the questions to be from wiring methods and Materials, followed by branch circuits and then equipment and Devices. If you pass your exam, congratulations on finishing the first phase of your electrician training in Kentucky.  

Fill and submit this application to the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction with supporting documents such as notarized forms of your work experience, tax documents and test results. Other documents required include a birth certificate, a driver’s license and a colored passport. Keep in mind that your licenses must be renewed every 24 months at a cost of $50.  

Before you renew your application, you are required to fulfil 6 hours of continuing education requirements. Continuing education is mandatory because it keeps you updated on new developments in the electrical sector. Expect to study the following topics:

  • National electric code 
  • Electric math   
  • Safety 

Becoming a Kentucky Master Electrician

To become a master electrician, you must be a holder of a journeyman license for at least 24 months. Other requirements needed to become a master electrician are: 

  • Sit and pass a master electrician exam 
  • Provide a colored photo of yourself 
  • Provide notarized documents to prove you have classroom training of 576 hours 
  • Provide notarized documents indicating you have work experience of 8 years 
  • Prove your age by providing a copy of a birth certificate

When you have met the required criteria, you can apply for a master electrician exam.   

Kentucky Master Electrician Exam Details

A master electrician exam has a five-hour time frame. Unlike a journeyman exam, a master electrician exam has 100 multiple questions. It is an open book exam and this means that you can use reference books such as Ugly’s Electrical Reference and the National Electric Code. 

Expect to be evaluated in the following topics: 

  • Control Devices 
  • Wiring Methods and Materials 
  • General Knowledge and Plan Reading 
  • Motors and Generators 
  • Special Occupancies 
  • Brach Circuits 
  • Services 
  • Service Equipment 

To prepare for the exam, concentrate on wiring methods, Service equipment and special occupancies as they will occupy 19%, 16% and 12% of the exam. The least evaluated subjects are control devices at 3% and feeder at 4%.  

Keep in mind you require to be computer literate to schedule an exam through this online link

If you pass the exam, congratulations as you are almost complete with the second phase of electrician training in Kentucky. With your exam details ready, it is now time to apply for a Kentucky master electrician license. The following documents will be required: 

  • Notarized documents indicating your work experience 
  • Test results of your master electrician exam 
  • Pay a license fee based on your date of birth 
  • Provide a colored photo of yourself  

Once you receive your Kentucky master electrician license, keep in mind that you will be required to renew it every 12 months at a fee of $100.  

As part of your continuing education requirements, 2 hours must be spent studying about safety. Keep in mind your continuing education requirements must be completed within 12 months.  Some of the approved continuing education providers are: 

  • 180 Degree Education 
  • All-Star Training 
  • American Contractors 
  • BlueVolt 
  • IEC of the Bluegrass 
  • 360 Training  

If you prefer to sit for your continuing education online, then you can consider the following online companies:

  • Simpson Stong-Tie 
  • Tradetech 
  • RedVector 
  • Jade Learning 

Becoming an Independent Electrical Contractor

Electrician Training in Kentucky

The last phase to your electrician training in Kentucky is becoming an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, your opinion will be highly respected and you will be able to supervise master electricians. Another advantage is that you will be able to open and run your own company and this will significantly increase your annual salary

To become an independent contractor, you are required to hire a master electrician. Alternatively, you can become an independent contractor if you have a master electrician license and pass an independent contractor exam. To become an electrical contractor, you must fulfil the following requirements;

  • Prove you have passed an independent contractor exam 
  • Provide a copy of your birth certificate  
  • Have Worker’s compensation insurance  
  • Have liability insurance of $500,000 
  • Provide a colored photo of yourself 

Kentucky Independent Electrician Exam

To get an independent electrician license in Kentucky, you require to sit for a Kentucky Business and Law exam. It is an open book exam with 30 multiple-choice questions. Unlike a master electrician exam, this exam has a 90 minute time frame and the Kentucky contractors Business and Law book can be used as a reference. 

To apply, you are required to pay an examination fee of $60. Expect to be evaluated in the following subjects: 

  • Estimating and Biding  
  • Safety  
  • Contractors and Acceptance 
  • Insurance and Bonding 
  • Financing 
  • Record keeping 
  • Tax 
  • Lien Laws 
  • Dispute resolution 
  • Personnel Policies 
  • Labor Law 
  • Business Structure Practices 
  • Business Licensing 

Exam applications can be made through this online portal and if you pass your exam you can apply for an independent electrician license. If you receive your license, keep in mind that it must be renewed yearly at a cost of $200. Some of the requirements that must be met to be eligible to renew the license are: 

  • Have a certificate of liability insurance 
  • Pay a fee of $200 
  • Complete six hours of continuing education requirements 
  • If you are a sole employee have a notarized workers compensation waiver

As an independent contractor, you can bid for government tenders and win lucrative contracts. If you believe electrician training in Kentucky is a profession you would thrive in, grab our in depth Ebook to help guide you along the way.

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