Electrician School El Paso TX: Start Your Professional Journey 

Electrician School El Paso TX

Only a qualified electrician school El Paso TX will impact you with the skills required to make you a master electrician. If you start your career in unaccredited school two things might happen: 

  • You might get severely hurt on the job 


  • Get killed on the job 

We are not trying to scare you but truth be told, electricity is dangerous and the only way to protect your life is by receiving quality education and training. To enrol in one of the best electrician schools in El Paso Texas, feel free to fill your details in the submission form and we will get in touch. 

Requirements for Enrolling

Though different electrical schools have different requirements the following requirements are common to all:

  • Passion – As an electrician, you must be passionate about what you do as you will spend most of your time outdoors or standing
  • Have a high school Diploma
  • Be at least 18 years old

What to Consider When Looking for a Good Electrical School in El Paso TX 

Finding a good electrical school is the first step to your electrician journey. The following factors are to be considered while doing your research:

  • The school must be accredited by the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation.   
  • The school must have a comprehensive course on electrical tools and their uses 
  • The school must have an apprenticeship program for you to gain the required work experience to become a Journeyman. 
  • The location of the school is very important. If the school is far, you might be forced to move into a new area and this will increase your cost.  
  • Another important criteria is that the school should have a scholarship opportunity. This will come in handy especially in your first year in trade school before you start earning as an apprentice.

To get multiple suggestions on the best schools in your local area click on get started now and we will help you find your dream school.  

Becoming an Independent Contractor 

Once you become a master electrician you will be one step away to becoming an independent contractor. One requirement for getting an independent license is that you must have employed a master electrician. 

Once you have become a journey you will earn an hourly wage of $24.53. As you accumulate more experience, you will become a master electrician earning an hourly wage of $35.28 and later gain the voted title of an independent contractor. At this level, year earning is around $100,000 depending on industry and demand for your skills. If you gain a lucrative government tender the earnings could be in seven figures.

The electrician school you attend will determine the kind of electrician you will become. Do not take chances, fill the form below and we will connect you to the best electrician school in El Paso TX.