Finding The Perfect Safety Glasses Side Shields

Safety glasses side shields protect the sides of your eyes. Most industrial jobs require you to wear safety glasses. Finding a pair of safety glasses that are a comfortable fit and include efficient side shields is not always a simple task.

Safety Glasses Side Shields

To make sure you get the right glasses, the first time there are a few things you should check before you buy.

Know Your Job

This may be obvious, but it is a very important. In most industrial situations
you have many small bits of debris coming at you from many different angles. Your safety glasses side shields need to be able to protect you from all angles.

Some situations involve various lighting conditions. You may have to work with just a flashlight or you may be outdoors in bright sunshine. You don’t want to carry around special glasses for each job, so you should choose a pair that either adjusts to different light or a pair for the light conditions you work in most often.

Do Not Buy a No-Name Brand

No-name brands are fine for everyday use products such as a no-name brand of soap. However, when it comes to your eyes in an industrial setting, brand names offer a more reliable product that can guarantee safety. You do not want a pair of safety glasses that are going to crack or fail in a matter of a few weeks. This is especially dangerous if your safety glasses are damaged due to poor quality while you are wearing them and could cause serious damage to your eyes.

The most popular and dependable brands currently include Oakley, RX, Black & Decker and North Safety Glasses. Prices vary, so you may want to do a bit of research to find a pair within your budget. But, you are speaking of the safety of your eyes, so that should be your main concern. Sometimes a little more money can offer you high quality safety glasses side shields that will keep your eyes protected.

Size Matters

There is an array of options when it comes to choosing the safety glasses that fit your needs. In particular, size can make a significant difference in how you feel wearing safety glasses. You will be using these for work, so comfort should be a priority. A pair that is not proportionate to the size of your head can cause discomfort and unnecessary weight, depending on the fit. They may even cause headaches from pushing too hard on the sides of your head, or they may be constantly falling off because they are not to scale.

People have different sizes of heads. Glasses are not a one size fits all type of purchase. It is important to get a pair that fits properly.

What is Your Safety Code

Safety glasses are made to meet specific safety requirements for various jobs. The glasses must pass strict tests to ensure they meet these requirements. These tests are then assigned a code. Before you buy a pair of safety glasses side shields, find out what tests the glasses need to pass in order to be acceptable for your work. Then find out what the code is for your job.

Only buy safety glasses side shields with the correct code. If the glasses do not meet the standards required for your job, you will have to return them. You are much better off buying the right pair initially, saving yourself the hassle.

Safety glasses side shields that do not meet the code requirements for your job are also a safety hazard. Inadequate protection could cause serious eye injury.

Safety Glasses Are a Must

The occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 officially made it mandatory to wear safety equipment in the workplace. It is responsible for enforcing and determining safety regulations for all businesses and occupations. This includes everything from hard hats, safety glasses and safety glasses side shields, harnesses, protective clothing and steel-toed boots. Whatever it takes to keep you safe from head to toe. 

Many workers do not like to wear any type of personal protection equipment (PPE), safety glasses are no exception. That is why the government had to make it mandatory. Luckily, changes in technology have made more styles and comfort available in PPE and workers are becoming less resistant to safety glasses. This results in safer working environments and less challenging for foremen trying to force workers to keep the PPE on at all times.

Safety Glasses Side Shields

Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment

PPE requirements are different for every job and can vary greatly from one industry to another. The OSHA guidelines dictate what type of equipment you need for your particular occupation. Mandatory PPE is designed to protect you from anything which may pose a threat to your health or safety.

Employers are required to assess the working environment to determine any potential risks or threats to your health or safety. They must then take the necessary precautions to reduce the hazard. In some cases an OSHA agent may want to inspect the environment himself to ensure all safety issues are properly addressed.

When a hazard is identified, the employer must educate you and provide you with the necessary personal protective equipment. The education is much more than just informing you of the hazard. It includes thoroughly explaining all of the possible dangers and educating you on the proper use of the protection equipment.

In most industrial environments, safety glasses are one piece of equipment that is not optional. For example, hard hats are not always required. Factories generally have some areas where hard hats are mandatory, while in other areas, where there is no risk of falling objects, you may take off your hard hat. This is not the case with safety glasses. There is almost always a risk of flying debris and you are not allowed to take off your safety glasses at any time within any part of the factory, except maybe the rest room or cafeteria.

Fortunately, safety glasses today are quite fashionable and most people don’t mind wearing them. And as long as your safety glasses side shields follow the proper code for your job, you can have frames that suit your style.