Electrician Trade Schools in Dallas TX: How to Become an Electrician

Electrician Trade Schools in Dallas TX

Which are the best electrician trade schools in Dallas TX? How do I know that an electrician trade school is worth my time and money?  If these questions persistently linger in your head, you are in the right place. There are numerous electrician schools in Texas all promising to make you the perfect electrician with a 6-digit salary. 

Electricians are among the highest paid in Texas with an annual wage of $104,670. Depending with your area of specialization this figure can be higher. Compare what electricians earn with other professionals in Texas: 

  • Electrical Engineers: $104,670 
  • Electrical and Electronics Technicians: $71,330 
  • Powerhouse and Substation Electricians: $65,790 
  • Carpenters: $39,000 
  • Carpet Installers: $39,290 
  • Plumbers: $49,630 
  • Food Processing Workers: $25,440 

To start your electrician journey and enrol in an accredited electrician school in Dallas TX, fill the form below and we will connect you with the best electrician school in your local area. 

Electrician Trade Schools in Dallas TX 

A Texas electrical trade program should award you with either: 

  • An associate degree 
  • A Diploma 

An Associate Degree Program 

If you are looking for a solid foundation to become an independent electrical contractor, enrolling for an associate degree is the best choice. Most electrician trade schools in Dallas TX will offer a two year accredited program. 

Diploma Programs 

This is a one-year program that is aimed for individuals who would like to enrol in an apprenticeship program more quickly rather than wait for 2 years.

Once you have earned a diploma, the school is required to find a suitable apprenticeship position for you. As an apprentice in Dallas TX, expect to earn an annual salary of $36,221. After you have gained work experience of 8,000 hours {equivalent to 4 years} you will apply to sit for a journeyman exam. If you get a journeyman license you will have to continue with your electrician training in Texas until you qualify to become an independent contractor. 

How to Know an Electrician Trade School is Worth Your Time 

Since you have narrowed on what you want to specialize in, it will be much easier to choose the right school. The following evaluation criteria should be used to identify the best electrician trade schools in Dallas TX: 


You do not want to study for 2 years only for the department of education to nullify your degree or diploma. An accredited school will also enable you to benefit from financial AID. This AID is usually not offered to non-accredited institutions. 

Modern Facilities 

If the school has invested in modern facilities with modern electrical tools, you can rest assured the school is worth our time and money as it has made its own investment. 

Apprenticeship Programs 

Make sure that the school has an apprenticeship program in Dallas TX. if it does not have an apprenticeship program, be concerned because you may never qualify to become a journeyman. 

There are numerous electrician trade schools in Dallas TX and it can be a challenge when deciding which is best. It is, for this reason, we are connecting aspiring electricians to accredited trade schools in Dallas TX.