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Electrician Apprenticeship Hawaii

Are you looking for an electrician apprenticeship Hawaii? Are curious about the requirements needed to enroll for an electrician apprenticeship? If so you are in the right place. 

As an electrician, you will be able to earn $40,000 – $107,000 a year depending on experience and demand in your local area. If you are yet to find an electrical school near you fill the form below and we will get in touch.  

Electrician training in Hawaii is a profitable and fulfilling career when compared to other professions as demonstrated below:  

  • Powerhouse and Substation Repairers: $107,030 
  • Electrical Engineers: $89,720 
  • Biological Technicians: $37,060 
  • Plumbers: $73,070 
  • Helper Carpenters: $33,090 
  • Bakers: $35,200 

Before enrolling in an apprenticeship program, you must first enroll in a technical school. A technical school will enable you to gain the required basic training before you can sit for a journeyman exam. After you have finished your technical education and gained a certificate of completion in electrical installation and maintenance technology, you will then be expected to enroll in an apprenticeship program.  

Electrician Apprenticeship Hawaii 

All electrician apprenticeship Hawaii programs are ran and managed by the Hawaii Electricians Training Fund {HEFT}. The program also runs educational campaigns such as an Anti-Harassment Training campaign which states that apprenticeship programs must be free from harassment. The fund is also responsible for nurturing young electricians. 

To join the fund, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Be a US citizen  
  • Be 18 years of age 
  • Have a GED 
  • Be physically fit 
  • Pass an aptitude test 
  • Pass an oral interview
Electrician Apprenticeship

The duration of your apprenticeship program will depend on the license you want: 

  • Maintenance Electrician: 1 - year work experience with two years in a trade school
  • Journey Worker Electrician: 5 years of work experience with 10,000 hours in commercial or residential wiring  
  • Journey Worker Industrial Electrician: 4 years of work experience with a 200-hour electrical course work

Apprenticeship programs will vary depending on the license you would wish to have.