Electrician Training in Hilo Hawaii | Start Your Professional Journey 

Electrician Training in Hilo Hawaii

Are you looking for electrician training in Hilo Hawaii? Do you want to live a good life and retire comfortably? If the answer is yes, this article was written just for you. 

As an electrician, expect to earn an average wage of $45,000 - $83,000 a year. The figure can be higher if you become an independent contractor and bid for multi-million dollar tenders.

Electrician Training in Hilo Hawaii 

The first step of your electrician journey is joining a trade school for at least 1 year for diploma certificates or two years for an associate degree. After getting your certificate, you can then enroll in an apprenticeship program through HETF.  The duration of the program will depend mainly on the kind of license you require. For example; 

  • Maintenance electrician license: 1,000 hours of work experience with 80 hours of classroom study 
  • Journey worker Specialty license:  6,000 hours of work experience with 120 hours of classroom study 
  • Journey worker industrial electrician: 200 hours of classroom study with 4 years of work experience in an industrial setting 

Other licenses up for grabs include: 

  • Class A Master Electrician license 
  • Class B Master Electrician License 
  • Electrical Contractor License

The highest-ranked electrical license is that of an independent contractor. Starting your electrician training in Hawaii is an exciting and fulfilling journey. To get connected to an electrical school near you fill in your details below and we will get in touch.

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