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Electrician Training in Fairbanks Alaska

Electrician Training in Fairbanks Alaska gives you an opportunity to earn an annual average wage of  $74,370 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and thus making this is a lucrative profession. Fill in your details below and we will help you find an accredited electrician school. 

Electrician Training in Fairbanks Alaska 

Electrician Training in Fairbanks Alaska has two stages: 

  1. Joining an electrician school
  2. Joining an apprenticeship program through the Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship & Training Trust

Joining an Electrical Trade School

There are only three main requirements needed to join a trade school: 

  1. Have a GED certificate
  2. Be 18 years or older
  3. Have passed an algebra 1 class

You will be required to have classroom training of at least 1,400 hours. 

Joining an Apprenticeship Program 

Fill and submit this application to join an apprenticeship program. The program should last for at least 4,000 hours until you qualify for a journeyman license. If you decide to continue with your electrician training in Fairbanks Alaska the following certificates will be up for grabs: 

  • Class B Journeyman Certificate 
  • Residential Master Electrician Certificate 
  • Class A Master Electrician Certificate 
  • Class B Master Electrician Certificate  
  • Electrical Contractor Certificate  

To start your electrician training in Fairbanks Alaska, you must enroll in an accredited electrician trade school. Fill in your details in the submission form below and we will help you enroll in an accredited electrician school in Fairbanks Alaska.

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