Electrician Apprentice Salary Texas: All You Need to Know 

Electrician Apprentice Salary Texas

An electrician apprentice salary Texas will depend on several factors such as the apprenticeship program, location and demand in your local area. Once you complete your apprenticeship program, you will graduate into a journeyman and later a speciality electrician with a minimum wage of $50,000 – $91,000 especially in areas such as San Antonio - New Braunfels.  

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Electrician Apprentice Salary Texas

Demand for Electricians in Texas 

Electrician demand in Texas is projected to grow by 21% until the year 2022. This has seen the number of electrician apprentice’s rise to 6,234 as of 2017. The majority of aspiring electricians have been employed by either manufacturers or construction companies. Most of them get their placements through Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees {JATC}.  

The committee is as a result of the collaboration between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association {NECA}. Other apprentices may find a placement opportunity via a non - union apprenticeship program that is run by either the independent Electrical Contractors {IEC} or the Associated Builders and Contractors, INC {ABC}. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas had the highest number of apprentices followed by Houston. The rest are Dallas, Odessa and Rural West Texas. According to the Dallas Journal, several electrical Projects have positively impacted on electrician apprentice salary Texas. These projects are: 

  • Construction of Dickies Arena at a cost of $450.00 million 
  • Construction of Clements University Hospital at a cost of $362 million dollars 
  • Construction of a Village Town Centre at a cost of $232 million 

Electrician Apprentice Salary Texas

In order to make it easy for you to know the electrician apprentice salary in your local area, we have divided towns in subcategories. This will help you know which region is more profitable to be an apprentice: 

Towns starting with an A {per Year} 

  • Anderson County, Texas: $33,060  
  • Aransas County, Texas: $29,922 
  • Archer County, Texas: $32,287 

Towns Starting With B 

  • Blanco County, Texas: $33,036 
  • Brazos County, Texas: $33,787 
  • Brown County, Texas: $30,432 

Towns Starting with C 

  • Callahan County, Texas: $31,593 
  • Cameron County, Texas: $27,514 
  • Camp County, Texas: $29,389 
  • Cherokee County, Texas: $31,040 
  • Cottle County, Texas: $36,129 
  • Culberson County, Texas: $36,129 

Towns Starting with D 

  • Dallam County, Texas: $33,591 
  • Denton County, Texas: $32,842 

Towns Starting with E 

  • Eastland County, Texas: $31,962 
  • El Paso County, Texas: $26,185 
  • Ellis County, Texas: $30,637 

Towns Starting With F 

  • Fannin County, Texas: $30,702 
  • Floydada, TX: $33,190 

Towns Starting with G 

  • Gaines County, Texas: $35,673 
  • Grayson County, TX: $34,295 

Towns Starting with H 

  • Hale County, Texas$31,383 
  • Hall County, TX: $36,129 
  • Haskell County, Texas: $31,460 
  • Henderson County, Texas$30,710 

Towns Starting With J 

  • Jeff Davis County, TX: $34,690 
  • Johnson County, TX: $32,183 

Towns Starting With K 

  • Kaufman County, TX: $31,294 
  • Knox County, TX: $36,129 

Once you complete your apprenticeship program, you will be required to sit for a journeyman exam. Just like an electrician apprentice salary Texas, expect your journeyman electrician salary to vary depending on location. 

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Electrician Apprentice Salary Texas

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