Alaska Electrician Salary: Are You Missing Out? 

Do you know that an Alaska Electrician Salary is rated the 5th highest in the United States? Compared to other electricians in America, Alaskan electricians have a higher standard of living with annual salaries averaging $115,950. The salary will depend on your experience, demand in your local area and industry of specialization.  

According to the Alaska Journal, construction spending is projected to increase by 10%. There are numerous construction projects expected to employ electricians in the year 2020. 

Residential Alaska Electrician Salary

The following are expected residential electrician salaries. The salaries mainly depend on the region and level of training. Fill the form below to begin your electrician training in Alaska and make a future for yourself: 

  • Fairbanks AK: $76,900 
  • Balance of Alaska nonmetropolitan area: $87,900 
  • Anchorage AK: $76,300 
  • Southeast Alaska nonmetropolitan area: $70,200 

Alaska Electrician Salary for Specialist Electricians

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics {BLS}, the higher your experience the better your pay: 

Salaries in Fairbanks: 

  • Electrical and electronics repairers specializing in industrial equipment: $58,133 
  • Electrical power-line installers and Repairers: $61,133 


  • Security and Fire Alarm Systems: $55,900 – $98,400 
  • Power line Installers and Repairers: $90,000-$109,000 

South Alaska:

  • Power line installers and Repairers: $79,00-$103,400 

General Alaska Electrician Salary 

The following are average salaries for different industries: 

  • Electrical Engineers: $115,960 
  • Power line installers and Repairers: $86,610 
  • Powerhouse and Substation Repairers: $81,830 
  • Electrical Repairers and Installers of Transporting Equipment: $70, 260 
  • Helper Electricians: $40,700 
  • Electrical and Electronics Drafters: $58,890 
Industrial Electrician Dusten Huebner

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